Looking for Open Plots for Sale in Hyderabad? You are at the right place. Forget regular listings – take support of artificial intelligence to you decide on your plot investments! Before you unleash our Nautilus to plan your investment, we suggest you to understand different aspects of Plots in Hyderabad.

Reasons to Invest Open Plots for Sale in Hyderabad

  • Open plots have given over 20X returns in many parts of Hyderabad in 15 years. This means beating the stock market and gold as an investment option.
  • The average CAGR of the prices of open plots in Hyderabad has been 16.6 according to survey by Urban Nido over the last 15 years
  • Government of Telangana has launched Dharani Portal – an Integrated Land Records Management System. This has brought transparency and ease of use to the end user
  • Some areas in Hyderabad such as Shamshabad, Adibatla, Patancheru, Shankarpally have seen tremendous growth in the last 15 years. However, the future growth areas are shifting based on policies,

Ways to Identify Good Plots for Sale in Hyderabad

Many see open plots as speculative investment that is driven by luck. But, in our opinion, real estate investments especially purchase of open plots is comparable to stock investment – but, with a greater safety for your investment. Prices of open plots in Hyderabad or for that matter anywhere is dependent on macro factors like real development, road connectivity, proposed projects and regulations. Apart from these project specific factors such as amenities, elevation, width of the abutting road, approvals to the project determine the price of the plots for sale in Hyderabad. We also suggest you to get the legal documents verified before taking an plot investment decision. These factors determine the stability of your investment. However, timing of your investment and the underlying news determines the percentage return on your investment.

This understanding of the local markets, information about new government and private investments, changes in the city planning is what changes real estate investment from a speculative investment into an prudent investment backed by fundamental analysis.

How Can Urban Nido Help You Find Plots in Hyderabad

Our personal needs and financial goals drive our investments. However collating our personal financial goals, market factors, land trends and legality is not a simple exercise. This is where Urban Nido, India’s first AI powered Real Estate Advisory firm comes into picture. Using Nautilus, we help you find the best open plot in Hyderabad.